Wednesday, January 23, 2008

first draft of Meaning of Life – Final Reflection Paper

From this course, there has been so much that I’ve learned this semester. The wealth of knowledge makes the semester one of the very best I’ve ever had at School of the Future. Never before did I attend a class that asked me to look around me, as well as inside of myself and attempt to answer the great meaning of life question. Yet, after going through all of the course work, I have decided on an answer. The meaning of life is to experience everything and anything around you and to live as you see fit. I, after many months of work, came upon this answer after completing and learning many new skills. Of which, I will clarify through a few of the following lenses.

The first and foremost this that I would like to explore is the “Thoughtfulness of orientation to life” requirement. This class has allowed me to have some very detailed and cognitive conversations, the sort of which I thought that I would only have in college. These conversations not only happened in the classroom, but also took place outside with people I would never have guessed even bothered to take notice of things as well. And this is because I was always being asked to open my eyes to the way things are around me, notice them, and then share my viewpoints on the matter. I ended but becoming a more observant creature of thought. I was more willing to listen to other points of views, especially those that challenged my own views. They were the ones that I paid close attention to. I found being challenged either made me depend my thoughts and if I could not logically argue anymore, I went back and edited my viewpoint with the lessons that I learned.
Now I will discuss the “Writing” part of this class. This class has made me produce some very interesting ideas on paper that I never thought I could ever find the words for. While there was some chunks that I felt really I did not connect with, there were others that I felt resonated deep within me. I noticed this as I read through my snowball paper. The deeper I went into the writings the deeper and acute the ideas that I was expressing became. I espieally would like to point out my chunk about dreams. This was the chunk that I had the most connection with and therefore had the most pleasurable time writing. I remember my three-paragraph first draft of that piece. It really crappy, but it help
Last but not least, I got better at my Digital communication skills. Before entering this class, I played around with the idea of creating a blog. But I never actually went through with it. I thought that most of my thoughts would be pointless and worth putting up. Yet, once I created a blog and started to post my papers up on it, I had this strange feeling. The best word I can think of to name it would be enjoyment. I was happy that I had my own personal thoughts swimming out there for the world to see. It was almost as if they did matter. And because they did it taught me that before posting anything online, one should have put a lot of thought and effort into their work. Thus I made it a point to try and give most of what I wrote a proper effort. That way whatever I allowed myself to share was adding to the amount of intellect on the Internet. Not contributing to the mind numbing content that exist in overwhelming numbers.

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