Sunday, April 27, 2008

hannah's essay

My modern day prophet is my mother. She may not be a prophet for everyone, but prophets usually aren’t. Sometime only specific people get the revelation. My mom is a prophet because she is trying to open my eyes, and help me through life and show me that I can do anything I want to if I try hard enough. Obviously I am the ignorant mass, just me, I argue with her, ignore her, and sometimes will flat out tell her she is wrong and do the opposite of what she has asked of me, which causes an unacceptable situation where there is lots of yelling and door slamming. I think though, that the message my mother is trying to show me is an ongoing message, that changes as I grow up. After I make the revelation that my work at school, should take precedence over soccer or hanging out with my friends, it is up to me to follow through and actually try to use the revelation to my advantage. And since the revelation is ongoing, there will be a new message that she has to share with me once I make progress with the one before.

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lucy said...

good one. Me too.