Thursday, September 20, 2007

Relection on Normal alienation from experience

I personally find what the author of this piece is saying to be true. We are all taught to focus on only a few things in life, thus causing us to lose sight our what we can feel. Now that I'm in between being a child and an adult I do see me losing parts of myself. But from what I've noticed taking place I must ask this question: How do we go about regaining what we've lost? Especially when we are constantly bombarded with the forces that caused us to be this way in the first place. The best answer that I've been able to create on my own is that we must consciously take a step back, and remind ourselves to look at whats around us. And then, after we've done that, we must try our best to analyze what things truly are. But of course, this is easier said than done, and we can never fully grasp reality to its fullest degree, but at least we've done something rather than nothing. If we do this we've taken the first steps. And if enough of us do this, we may be able to give this world a better version of ourselves that it so readily deserves.

“We act in accordance to how we see things thus if our experiences are destroyed, our behavior will be destructive.”

This is the line that I feel that, if for nothing else, must be understood by all those who reads it. And it acts as the back bone to my statement above. It is the reason why shifting our outlook on the world is so important. Because how we act and what we do relies so much on what we perceive, changing perception affects everything with our lives. Hence why one must make sure that they are aiming for something more positive in order to receive positive thoughts and actions. If not then they are only leading themselves down the ladder that should be meant to climb upward. For as bad as we are now, we've yet to yet rock bottom, so we must keep our heads at least above water and keep moving forward to prevent that.

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